How to Order

Ordering is as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Click on the Collections tab
  2. Select the furniture piece you would like added to your RFQ
    (Domestic and Overseas Collections cannot be added to the same RFQ)
  3. Choose how many you would like to order and click the “Add to Quote” button

Do this for all of the pieces you would like added to your Request for Quote (RFQ) until you are ready to get your pricing.

Details for orders placed through Dillon Furniture Group (DFG):
  • Your RFQ must be either a Domestic items RFQ or an Overseas items RFQ.  Singular quotes may not contain both domestic and overseas items. 
  • Pick the item that you want and create your RFQ (request for quote).
  • Remember, we sell by the container load for overseas and nose load for domestic, so make sure you have reached your correct load amount.
  • We will forward your request to your nearest representative or if you don't have a local representative we will process your RFQ with wholesale pricing and email return a completed quote with pricing within 48 hours. 
  • Upon receipt of your RFQ approval and submitted deposits; your RFQ becomes an Order. 
  • Your items will go in productions either via FOB Dillon, SC or FOB Vietnam and will be produced and ready for your arranged shipment to your specific location within12-14 weeks
  • Some items are available for Quick-Ship within 8-10 weeks, look for The Quick Ship Icon


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